Gain Recordings

      1. MLK-Drum Major Instinct  (25.6MB)

House/Techno Remixes
      10. Chrisopher Saint Bernard - You've Got To Know  (9.5MB)
      11. Bileebob & Marshallito - Funkyouself  (18.8MB)
      1. Agriculture-Sunshine  (8.6MB)
      1. Stax  (14.5MB)
      1. Spaceis  (13.3MB)
      2. Calmecalme instrumental  (12.3MB)
      3. Calmecalme  (6.0MB)
      4. Feelinlike  (5.7MB)

Kazakhstan Strap-On
      1. A Lil Lower  (16.2MB)

Bichito Sound System
      1. Be Alright House Mix  (13.4MB)
      1. Manglar-Siempre(Bichito Sound System Mix)  (12.3MB)
      2. Los Bichitos Work Remix  (11.8MB)

      1. Hot Fudge Banana  (17.7MB)20060421

The Wooly Mammoth
      1. The Block  (9.1MB)
      2. Touch  (4.5MB)
      3. Money  (4.8MB)

Marshall Solo
      1. Detroit Thunder  (7.0MB)
      2. Girls Wanna Cut  (4.7MB)
      3. Lookin' Past You  (4.5MB)

      1. Mad  (5.5MB)
      2. Frenchy  (5.5MB)
      3. Black Hospital  (4.5MB)
      4. You  (6.5MB)
      5. Girls Look Good  (5.9MB)
      6. Limit  (5.1MB)
      7. Who's Got Ecstasy  (6MB)
      8. Prison Diaries   (5.9MB)
      9. Joyce  (4.9MB)

Lowpass - Spinning in Infinity   (Twisted Records  TWD-11961)
      1. I Know  (1MB)
      2. I Thought I Knew  (2.26MB)
      3. Lift  (1MB)
      4. The Path is Clearing  (1MB)
      5. El Ritmo  (1MB)
      6. Body is the Song  (1MB)
      7. I Kept On  (1MB)
      8. Heat  (1MB)
      9. Fluid  (1.1MB)
      10. A Wild Tail  (1.1MB)
      11. Badang  (976K)

Nirvana - Jungle Sky IV   (Jungle Sky Records, Liquid Sky Music  JS116)
      1. I Wish  (13.2MB)

This is Jungle Sky Volume II   (Jungle Sky Records, Liquid Sky Music  JS008)
      1. One Love (I Feel It)  (1.3MB)

Fuck Jungle   (Jungle Sky Records, Liquid Sky Music  JS011)
      1. Yes  (972K)

Marshall H. E.P.   (Tekhead, Liquid Sky Music)
      1. Just Keep On filters voc  (16.2MB)
      2. Just Keep On organ voc  (14.2MB)
      3. Loves Gonna Get You   (14.9MB)

Coast to Coast E.P.   (Backslap Records  Slap 002)
      1. Keep It Deep  (1.8MB)
      2. Immaculate Love  (1.4MB)
      3. I'm Losing My Touch  (1.6MB)

Jungle Boogle E.P.   (Groovin Records)
      1. Jungle Boogie (Kachin mix)  (2.9MB)
      2. Jungle Boogie (Long mix)  (1.4MB)
      3. Jungle Boogie (Drum Dub)  (1.2MB)
      4. Where Has the Feeling Gone  (1.48MB)

Marshall H & Tasha Taylor "Honest & True"   (Suite 1200 Sounds  SUI 1201)
      1. Original mix  (1.1MB)
      2. Twunnel mix  (1.2MB)

The Abducted Remixes   (Jungle Sky Records, Liquid Sky Music  JS127)
      1. Abducted (Waltz With the Aliens Mix)  (1MB)

Funky Green Dogs   (Twisted Records  TWDM-55424)
      1. Until the Day (Lowpass Speed Bump Mix)  (1MB)

Air Liquide - Abuse Your Illusions   (Harvest  LC 1305)
      1. Ek-Stasis (N.Y.C. Bass Mix by DX13 vs. Marshall)